TradeTalks Video Branding EditorSpread awarenesswith your brandand our videos

TradeTalks creates videos to spread awareness of skilled trades and training opportunities, and now you can add your brand to our videos to help spread the word.

Step 1: Choose a videoClick the title below a video to select it. This is the template video that your brand image will be added to.
    Step 2: Upload your branded slide or imageA 1920x1080 image (the default size of a Powerpoint slide or widescreen video) is recommended. This is the slide that will be added to the video beginning and end. The slide will show for 5 seconds before the TradeTalks video begins, and again for 5 seconds after the end of the video. Here is a quick explanation of how to export a Powerpoint slide to image format.Want to use a different slide for the end of the video?
    Step 3: Create your videoTo generate a new video, first select a template video and upload your brand image.